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What do I wear?
A: Wear what you like to work out in…and can move easily in! Socks are optional.

What do I need to bring?
A: If you have a mat, please bring it.

Do you take reservations?
A: Yes, click the Mindbody link above and sign in to reserve your spot. Reservations are not necessary!

Can I transfer classes from one location to the other?
A: Yes, purchased classes can be used at any location including pop-ups.

Is there parking?
A: Yes, there is free 1 hour parking on East Bay Street for Hazel Parker Playground.

Do I need to have a ballet background?
A: No! Classes are instructed in such a way that you can have no dance background and pick it up easily. If you do have a dance background, you will love hearing your favorite ballet terms like plie, releve, and will recognize 1st, 2nd and 5th positions.

I saw that your classes are located at Hazel Parker Playground, does that mean they are outside?
A: Classes are located inside, in the long white building in front of the tennis courts at Hazel Parker.

Why are Raising the Barre’s classes so different in price from other studios?
A: Great question! Raising the Barre is partnered with the City of Charleston Recreation Department. That means we share the space with other small business owners like ballet instructors, art teachers, and summer camp programs for kids. It also means that we have low overhead so we don’t have to charge the high prices of a studio. The result? A price that you can afford with a professional trained instructor who has worked closely with many of the instructors at local studios that you know and love.



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