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Raising the Barre opened it’s doors in 2012 as the new year rang in. Going strong ever since, Raising the Barre combines the best of Pilates, resistance training and ballet to strengthen and shape your body.

Nicole Pridgen, owner and creator of Raising the Barre, started her love for all things fitness in the early 2000’s, minoring in Health Education at the College of Charleston. Her fitness career began teaching Tae Bo ® at local gyms in the Charleston area. She also taught classes like Kickboxing, Six Pack Attack and ran in 3 half marathons.

Approached in 2010 with the idea of teaching ballet barre, Nicole was hesitant. Pilates? Stretching? I don’t think so, she thought. After one workout and a pair of super wobbly legs, she was hooked.

Raising the Barre is a combination of popular barre methods, using what is safe for your body. Using only light weights and your own body weight, you will change the shape of your body and see results in less than two months!

With a strong focus on posture, Raising the Barre is designed to increase flexibility and produce long lean muscles. A tighter seat, flatter abs, thinner thighs, sculpted arms and a strong core…This is Raising the Barre!

Please contact us at info@raisingthebarrecharleston.com or 843-732-1591 with any questions.



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